What are Private blog Networks (PBNs)

If your new to internet marketing and have been reading over some forums you may have heard the term PBN’s one or twice. PBN’s basically stands for Private Blog Networks and have been a powerful  method used to rank sites for a while now!

What is a private blog network?

A private blog network is a number of websites containing content relevant to your money site that you or an associate own. Its more common to have these websites built on self hosted domains with metrics [they already have domain authority and page rank for example] than a brand new domain. Some internet marketers also use free platforms to create their networks such as:

  • WordPress.com
  • Weebly.com
  • Tumblr.com
  • Blogger.com
  • Blogspot.com

Free platforms such as the ones listed above are a great way to grow your network without the expense of hosting or investing in the domain names, so if your on a tight budget, these could be good!

Why use a PBN??

These networks are a great way for webmasters to build quality links to their money site without the risk of obtaining a site penalty. The beauty of a private blog network is they are almost untraceable to other webmasters and google not to mention you have 100% control over what links you build and what content is posted which is something that couldnt be done with public blog networks.

Public Blog networks allowed web-masters to purchase text links and guest posting on sites, but Google became wise and quickly began to de-index these networks making them all but useless.

If you have created a number of relevant blogs on domains with authority your basically passing link love from these sites to your main money site and in turn google will see you as an authority site and increase your search engine rankings. You can learn how to find domains with authority here.

How to build a quality private blog network:


In my personal opinion it looks much better if you have a number of domains with different extensions linking to you! So where possible register a different extension.

I normally only bother to register domains with Domain Authority 30 + however registering the odd one lower than this doesnt matter too much.

Learn how to find domains with authority here.


Its important to host sites in your network on different servers, again this will hide any foot print! Google arnt daft so will spot if you have 17 sites pointing to your money site all coming from the same IP.

These days you can pick hosting up really cheap! (From $1 / month!) Spending a few quid at this stage will prove worth it in the long run!


Don’t spin content for these sites, make sure you use unique content! and whatever you do make sure there is no similar content on any of your network sites that can link them in anyway! In fact, cover different topics within the same niche on each of the sites, this will not only reduce the risk of a footprint but will also look more legit should you get a manual action penalty in the future.

I like to have a minimum of 10 + articles on my sites before i even link to my money site with the article length ranging from 350 – 1000 words.

If you’re like me and not much of a writer, you can head over to platforms such as peopleperhour.com and freelancer.com to find article writers to do this for you! But remember! you want shit hot quality for these sites!! Only the best will do. Ask any potential article writers for examples of their previous work and check out their ratings. Always go with someone who has a good track record over saving a few pennies.

Quality sites get updated pretty regular, so you need to update your network sites on a regular basis too, at least once to twice per month for each of your sites. Like i said earlier, if you put the effort in, it will be worth it! by posting fresh content on a regular basis you will reduce the risk of a penalty or rankings slipping.

I like to include appropriate images in my posts or even videos, as this just gives the impression of more quality content!


Where possible NEVER use free themes! Personally i just don’t like them! You might be unlucky and download a theme with a vulnerability which can lead to it getting hacked! [Ive personally had this happen to me before]. They have been used many thousands of times by other webmasters! Remember your network sites want the impression of authority!

There are literally tons of companies out there where you can pick up premium WordPress themes such as themeforest.net and Mythemeshop.com [really cheap and have a nice choice of templates]

Never use the same theme more than once on any of your sites!!

Linking out

NEVER link any of your networks sites to one another!

Dont over do things here! Have one link coming from one article! you don’t want to link to your money site from each post on each of your sites. Also point 1 – 2 outgoing links to another non competition sources within your niche too to make it look more like the real deal.

Dont piss around with having a link partners page thats just so last decade!

Web 2.0’s

Believe it or not, i like to have a few of these in my private blog networks! But i mean ONLY a few. Lets face it there are a lot of genuine bloggers out there who have high authority sites using these platforms so we can build what looks like a genuine blog in our niche and link to our money site too.


Lets not overlook something here! I know a few people who have created a near perfect PBN only to have overlooked one thing! Monetising them!

What do i mean?

These sites your creating are semi authority because remember you have created some brilliant content so they will get visitors! Why not increase your chances of earning some money and monetise them!

Things to remember when monetising them.

  • Don’t use adsense on more than one site, because it will create a footprint!
  • Cloak any affiliate links so your referral id’s are not visible
  • Show relevant ads

Final Conclusion

The Advantages:

  • Full control over the links to your money site
  • Can tweak for better performance
  • Builds a number of clean high authority backlinks to your money site
  • Less chance of getting a penalty

The disadvantages

  • The cost of domains and their renewals
  • The cost of hosting
  • Time to update and manage more websites
  • Lots of unique content required.

Comments appreciated :)

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