STOP procrastinating and take Action!

If your new to internet marketing you might have found your self procrastinating and generally over thinking everything resulting in nothing getting done! Dont worry though! your not alone! almost all internet marketers will have done this at one point or another!

Let me describe something I used to do!

I’d sit and imagine earning a nice passive income.

Then i’d read peoples internet marketing journeys on forums such as which would make me more eager to start.

I’d then want to replicate their idea, yet find my self continuing to read more journeys discovering more and more techniques which would lead me to think, i’ll try that method too. I’d do this over and over and before you know it you i’d have several techniques which i’d like to try.

With this list of ideas id sit and think things such as:

  • I wonder which one will be best
  • Which will require less start up
  • How do you do this
  • How to do that
  • What if this
  • What if that

…..and before you know it hours had passed by and I was still sat at the computer no further forward!

This was a regular thing for me! I just over thought the full process! considering obstacles which may or may not occur!

I became friendly with another internet marketer and something what they said will ALWAYS stick with me!

Dont over think stuff! just get pro active and it will all fall in to place! Sure you will try things that don’t work but at the same time you will learn from them and move forward until you find something that does work!

I thought, you’re right! I’ve wasted far too much time just sitting here!! All those days of thinking out strategies etc have cost me time! Time which i’ll never get back!

So if your reading this and thinking, yep thats just what i’m doing! STOP now!

Sign out of Facebook, twitter and even the forums!

Pick a technique and do something about it! Even if thats something simple! You have taken action and are well on your way.

Just dont give up! Keep trying and give each technique time to mature.

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