Reasons Some Internet Marketers FAIL

Internet marketing can be a tough industry to be successful in! its no longer a quick way to make a buck or two like in the good old days! For that reason there are many wanna to be internet marketers fail no matter what methods they try!

Does this sound like you?

Some reasons why internet marketers fail

Not enough time

As i said above, too many people come in to this game expecting to be making money over night! Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that no more! You have to put in the effort to reap the rewards associated with online income! If your just starting out, its important to bare this in mind!

Build a site or work on a method and keep on at it. If you do a good enough job the earnings will slowly start to come in! If your reading this and expecting to be making $$ over night, in a few days or even in a month you need to think again! Im not saying it cant happen but its VERY UNLIKELY.

Information Overload!

This is by far the most common problem for internet marketers. There are hundreds of money making methods outlined on some great forums by very experienced members! But how do you choose the right one :s when there are so many.

Ive done this my self in the past! researched all the different methods, followed internet marketing journeys, worried what will happen with the next search engine updates and so on! When i finally come to start something for my self am totally bamboozled with what to do. Do i do this method or do i do that…STOPPPPPPP

The best piece of advice i can give you is stop pissing about and just TAKE ACTION! pick a method, and start working NOW! Not tomorrow!

One thing at a time!!

Im guilty of this one more than anything else!.. tut tut

Stop getting ahead of your self thinking about other projects! Pick one method, jump in feet first and start working on it. Sure you’re going to make mistakes but so long as you learn where you went wrong you can grow and become successful.

DO NOT move on to something else until you have become successful with the method you’re currently working on! Working on multiple projects will just mean you cant put 100% of your effort in to each of them resulting in the majority not becoming successful if any at all!

Work on ONE, put all your effort in to it and reap the rewards. If you can make it a success, scale it up and earn more.


Once your earning some money, you can begin to think about outsourcing some work allowing you to spend that quality time with the family or even begin work on another project! Great places to outsource work is and can get some bargains over at!

Tools of the trade

Without the use of some SEO tools you’re really on the your back foot! You could outsource the work using gigs on but if its going to be a regular thing, start investing!


I really cant say it any clearer than this:

Pick your method, pick your niche, stop thinking and take action (get working). Don’t move on until you have made this method work.

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