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On this page, I’m going to post all the latest discounts and promotions from

PremiumPress offer a wide range of PREMIUM WORDPRESS themes that are both professional and cost effective. I’ve personally used some of their themes for projects and am very happy with the overall outcome.

Their themes are very easy to set up and customisable to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. They are NOT one of these companies that are no longer interested in you when you have parted with your money! If you have a problem, you can turn to their live chat, or communicate via their forum [for registered users who have made a purchase], where you can get feedback and technical support. What I really like about their forum is Mark Fail (the founder) is very active! And does reply to your threads!

Currently Running Discounts:

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What themes does PREMIUMPRESS have to offer!

Micro Jobs Theme allows you to create websites similar to that of peopleperhour or fiverr, which are mighty popular at this current moment in time.

Their digital downloads theme is fantastic if you’re thinking of creating a file sharing website such as music, software, videos, etc, etc.

DirectoryPress allows you to create professional web directories with some great features. There are PLENTY of built in skins for you to choose from meaning your not just going to look like thousands of other directories out there! I’ve personally used and still use DirectoryPress as It was VERY simple to set up, and tweak to get it working just the way i wanted.

Coupons and discount sites will continue to be popular for years to come because let’s face it everyone likes a bargain! You could have your very own discount’s website up and running within minutes using their discount theme!! Why not start earning commission today and promote company discount codes?!

Their real estate theme is perfect for any company currently involved in the property market who wanting to upgrade to a professional-looking website or even those that are just starting out! You can literally have a professional website up within minutes after clicking the buy button!

More and more people are making their own movies (and I don’t mean dirty ones lol), PremiumPress have created a theme allowing you to own your own Youtube kind of site where your users can share their videos! You can even import videos from Youtube! so you can populate it from the start giving people the impression the site is mega busy!

The Classified theme allows you to build an authority classifieds website appealing to everyone or even incorporate a fully functional classifieds tool to your current site! I’ve done this to one of my niche sites! I saw a gap in the market for my niche and rather than build a completely new site incorporated it in the main site.

ShopperPress or the shopping cart theme has got to be one of their most popular themes amongst affiliaters. You can basically bang out professional looking shops that are populated with affiliate products! The best part is, you can mass import products so your NOT spending hours upon hours manually inserting them meaning you can concentrate on driving traffic to your site.

With the success of Ebay, auction sites have always been popular! whether you want to try and create an authority auction site or just an auction just for a specific niche, PremiumPress’s auction theme is what you need.

The music community theme allows you to run a website where its users can upload their music for others to listen to amongst many other great features.

The dating niche is Massive with a capital M and very lucrative too! With so many people now turn to the net to find their perfect partner! So if you’re wanting to start a dating website, their dating theme is not to be missed!

Price comparison sites are super popular! Let’s face it, people just don’t have the time on their hands to be manually checking hundreds of websites to find the best price! Premiumpress have a great-looking price comparison theme allowing you to earn money as an affiliate.

If you’re in the motoring trade selling new or used cars or even bikes for that matter, their car theme can give you an instant Internet presence! Even if you already have a website, you could benefit from a brand new professional looking website with loads of fantastic features.

Worried you won’t rank with Google?? Forget Google! some of the best ways to connect with your visitors is via social media! I’ve personally got a site or two where I couldn’t give a monkeys if Google ranked me or not, because I’ve build up a nice social following to interact with my target audience which in turn leads to conversions.

Still undecided?

Just remember, if you hired someone to create a custom site with the benefits and features that come with any of the sites mentioned above, the cost would run in to many thousands of pounds and take time to be developed. Buying an out of the box premium theme not only saves you BIG money, but also time! which can be spent on more important things such as creating your quality content for your website users.


Something I’ve said many times in the past: Don’t, and I will repeat DON’T use nulled themes! WHY? well firstly its illegal so all of your hard work could be for nothing! AND…….. hackers often distribute tempting downloads such as premium WordPress templates for free! but have sneakily put some undesirable code in allowing them to hack your site whenever they want! This is something you can’t afford to happen! So PLEASE think carefully!

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