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On from the success of 3 AdSense Alternatives I want to delve further into Pay Per Click or PPC advertising.

By far Google AdSense is the leader in this type of online advertising but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re the only ones.

There are plenty of other established PPC programs available to publishers.

What is PPC – Pay Per Click

Let’s start with what it isn’t:

it’s not a free meal ticket for online publishers

Like any advertising program pay-per-click requires an effort to be successful. PPC  is a risky monetizing method for new bloggers, if you’re relying on it to pay the rent forget it! Pay Per Click is pointless unless you have large amounts of traffic coming to your blog.

So why use Pay Per Click

Blog’s which have a steady flow of traffic can make money by putting relevant ads in front of their readers. Technically PPC is the easiest monetizing method to add to a blog and despite my earlier warning has the potential to earn you a good side income if you can attract traffic.

How does it work

Advertisers sign up with companies such as Google AdWords, then bid on specific keywords. Google has some fancy software that figures out what people are searching for and recognizes the content of an AdSense enabled site, in theory relevant ads are then displayed on this site.

If AdSense is so good why do we need alternatives? The answer is simple, if Google ban your account you’re out of business so you need other PPC programs to work with. If you’re wondering why Google would ban you, so are thousands of other but here’s a heads up:

Banned by AdSense??

Never click on your own ads, not even from somebody else’s computer. Never encourage people to click on your ads and be worried if you have a busy day because Google can see this as unnatural and ban you.

Read the terms of service and make sure you follow them to the letter, don’t imagine for one minute you can cheat Google; you can’t!

Google AdSense

It might seem that I have a downer on the AdSense program, I haven’t. I simply want you to understand how precarious it can be and have a back up plan should you fall foul of the TOS.

The Best PPC Alternatives


I’ve mentioned this one before so there’s no point in going into detail again but it’s worth reminding you that Chitika in my opinion are an ideal replacement for AdSense.

Chitika have so many ad options you’d struggle to find a better program, publisher support works well and they are very efficient at serving up relevant ads.


AdSense AlternativeI have to admit I haven’t implemented BidVertiser fully on any of my sites yet, but I do like the concept and will be trying it out soon. Look upon this review as a heads up instead of a definitive recommendation, I will report in detail when I’ve tried it out.

All that said I’ve heard good reports about BidVertiser as an AdSense alternative, I especially like the idea that you get paid per click and a further payment if that visitor goes onto buy. You can also earn extra commissions by referring advertisers and publishers so it’s a well-rounded AdSense alternative.

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

A variety of ad types are available including toolbar, skyscraper, in text and buttons so whatever niche you’re in there’s an ad to suit your design.

From what I can see the PPC commissions are lower than AdSense but as mentioned you can earn more when a purchase is made. I’m not going to promote BidVertiser too heavily until I’ve tried it myself but for now it does look like a possible Adsense Alternative.


In Text AdvertisingInfolinks has a lot of fans in the digital advertising world and to be fair has proven it’s worth too many publishers.

I am now building a test blog specifically to add Infolinks on it. I’m going to this trouble because it looks like the perfect alternative to adsense in specific niches but I need to prove my hunch.

Here’s why it has so many fans:

  • 4 Different Ad Modules
  • Pay Per Click and Pay Per View
  • Reduces Banner Blindness
  • Easy to Implement
  • Unobtrusive Ads
  • Ability to Control Ad Types
  • Regular Payouts
  • Various Payment Methods

In short Infolinks has the potential to be the main monetizing method on niche blogs. I’m sure it’ll work on most but I’m a firm believer in targeting my ads to my specific niche. I will write a full review of Infolinks when I’ve tested it.

Pay Per Click in a Nutshell

I’m going to bring this post to an abrupt halt, you don’t need to know anymore  PPC programs than Chitika, Bidvertiser and Infolinks.

It’s possible you feel short-changed because I haven’t reviewed loads of PPC programs, don’t be!

I’m interested in helping you make money from your blog not filling your head with useless crap.

Too many new bloggers sign up to every program under the sun then do nothing, the PPC programs I write about work so whats the point in going any further?

Try them out and let me know how you find them!

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