Is there money in blogging 2014/15

Can you still make money from blogging?

I see this question getting asked a lot on forums and by some of our readers.

The answer is simple, Yes of course you can. There are plenty of successful bloggers out there who rely on their blog for their income.

Don’t be fooled though, success for these bloggers didn’t come easy! they literally worked the keys off their keyboard.

How do you create a successful blog and earn money?

Firstly you need to understand that its much harder these days than in the past, where you could just throw a wordpress blog up on an exact match domain, write some content and point a few crappy links to it and BOOM, you would rank in the search engines! Depending on the niche, you could literally attract thousands of readers and earn money from ads! It was that simple.

Google has made several updates to their search engine algorithm to eliminate thin [low amounts of content] crappy sites, and also take in to account the quality of the backlinks linking to your site. This means you can’t just go and blast a few thousand blog comments or spin articles with links pointing to your site no more! You will get penalised if you do!

You might have heard the saying “content is king“, and this is true to some degree! You literally need to create top quality content that your visitors will enjoy and find useful, So having  knowledge of your niche is vital! Its no good creating a health and fitness site if your an over weight couch potato with no intention of getting off your arse to practice what you write!


Most bloggers fail because they think its going to be easy road to success!

Don’t under estimate how hard it is to earn money from blogging! If you think you can create a blog and be earning money in the first week, first month or even the first year your kidding your self! Seriously it takes a lot of time to build up a following and relationship between you and your readers before you will reap the rewards!

The successful bloggers got to where they are because they made an investment! An investment of their time! Literally writing posts on a regular basis even when their stats showed 10 visitors per day! or their income was $0.10 per day, they didnt let this put them off and worked twice as hard to improve things. Like i say, most bloggers fail at this stage because they expect too much too soon!


Lets recap:

You need to work on:

  • Consistancy from you! -
  • Knowledge of the niche
  • Multiple streams of monetization (There are loads of ways to monetise your blog or any website for that matter)
  • Interaction with your visitors both on your blog via comments, socially via facebook, twitter etc (This is massively important if i am honest)
  • Time to mature

The blog

Once you have a great looking site, with top quality content your visitors will trust you, and keep coming back to see what your writing about. At this point, your visitors will trust you enough to buy from you [click your affiliate links].