How to find expired domains with Authority – The right way!

You might hear people talking about using domains with authority for their money site or as part of a PBN pretty often, but what does this actually mean?

Basically they are using a domain name that has previously been used by someone else for their online project which they have since abandoned and let expire.

The benefits of using this strategy are as follows

  • A lot of leg work has been done in terms of link building – During the time that the previous owner was using the domain for their project, they will have built up credibility both on and offline! The important part here is the online credibility in terms of sites linking to the domain.
  • Taking the statement above in to account, the domain WILL already have Authority in terms of Domain Authority, Page Authority and Page Rank (PR isn’t really worth getting a hard on over nowadays though).

Believe it or not, there are HIGH QUALITY domains dropping every day! that can be used by you!

On this page i’m going to give you some tips on finding the RIGHT domains to use!

Firstly i’m going to tell you where you can search for these domains then ill explain what checks you can do to make sure you don’t register something useless.

Finding domains With DA

Firstly, you can check the market place section in the following domain forums. You can even post a wanted ad if you cant find anything that tickles your fancy!

If you have cash that you’re willing to invest,  you could look at Godaddy auctions, checkout

When you click the link provided above, this is what you will see.


You can quickly sort through the domains to find domains with the highest DA, PA etc. As this is an auction, set a realistic price if your serious about buying one of these domains, do not get caught up in a bidding war! stick to your price! There will be other domains that come along if your not successful this time.

Ive used this site to find a good few domains in the past but there are a lot of others using it now, so you need to be quick! At the same time you don’t want to cut any corners when doing domain checks [keep reading to see what i mean here].

First off, your going to need to make an account, don’t worry its FREE and easy to do…

Once logged in you will see this-


Along the top you have all the different domain extensions of which you can search. Go ahead and click on the extension you wish to use. Personally i only tend to check .com .net but that doesn’t mean you have to!

For this example i’m going to chose .uk domains.

When you have selected an extension, all the expired domains will load and this is what you will see.

expired domains 2

Something you might notice straight away is the results in front of you do not look like the ones on my screen! You probably have many more columns full of data! Ive basically refined it and removed some of the useless stuff just to make it more visually friendly! All i’m looking for at this stage is:-

  • Domain Authority
  • Status
  • PR (Not too important)
  • Dmoz (Not too important but does help)

Refine Your output.

You will see ive circled “Show Filter”. Click this and then click Customize Columns


Its really up to you what columns you want visible in your results here, so have a play around but you definitely want, SDA  and SPA selected.

Once your happy click save changes and click the .UK extension from the list above again (or click the back button twice).

Next we will start to refine the results to show domains within our criteria, which we can then go on to do further checks. To proceed click “Show Filter” again.

common filter

As you can see above i’ve selected a few of the option boxes, you can add more or less depending on how fussy you are. I normally only search for domains that have expired “only new last 24 hours” but for this tutorial ive selected new in the last 7 days to make sure some results show lol.

If you’re wondering why i haven’t selected the Dmoz option when i was talking about it earlier, its because it isn’t something which is really important to me, its just an added bonus if the domain is in the Dmoz directory. Also we have selected the dmoz colum to be visible in the search results so will be able to see if the domain is listed or not any ways.

You also dont want any domains with fake PR selected.

As for all the other options, at this stage im not too bothered about them just yet.

You will notice ive circled the Adwords & SEO Filter tab. Click this to proceed to the next step.

SEO Filter

Ignore all of the options under Adwords (Global, Germany, USA, UK) because we’re registering a domain for authority only, to be used for our money site or part of a PBN. You can refine your search using MajesticSEO, Moz, SEOKicks. You will notice ive only used Moz and set the Min domain Authority to 20. (Normally i’m not interested in domains with DA under 30, but for this post ive set it to 20 so i have some results)

Click apply to get your list. This filter will be saved for all extensions, so all you need to do now is click on the different domain extension tabs at the top and it will automatically show you the results within your criteria, Naturally there will be more .com’s results than the others.

Other places to find domains.

Another great way of finding authority domains is to check out lists of expiring domains. These are freely available from

For the benefit of this article im going to talk about domainlore as its very simple. (This will only show .uk related domains though)

You will need to create an account in order to view the lists. But once set up you have lists of domains that are due to expire for the next 7 days!

If you come across a domain that you want, you can either cross your fingers and hope no one else registers it when it drops, place a back order with public catchers such as domain monster or private catchers who are active on forums such as acorndomains.

You can also place a prebid on the domain via domainlore. To do this simply click on the domain and a pop up box will appear allowing you to place a bid. Private catchers will then be able to see the prebid and try and catch it. If they are successful in catching the domain they can put it to auction,  where hopefully you’re bid is successful.

I do drop catching so if you find a domain your interested in, drop me an email as i might be able to help

Domainlore prebid

A few friendly tips:

  • The domains in light grey have already dropped or the owners have renewed them.
  • When you click the droplist, tomorrows date is automatically selected! So if you want to see whats dropping today, click TODAY.

Ok now you have an idea of how this platform works lets move on.

You will notice in the top right hand corner, it says download list as .txt file. Click that and download todays list. Now you want to copy and paste that list in to excel because the free tool we’re going to use only allows you to check 200 domains at a time and its just too difficult to guess how many domains you have highlighted in a .txt document. Once you have pasted the list in excel, select 199 domains and copy them. Next go to your browser and open, paste the domains in and click find DA. Open a fresh .txt file to store any domains you wish to investigate further. Keep repeating this step until you have gone through all of the domains (There is normally 1000+ domains to go through each day) so the chances of finding something here are good.

If you cant be bothered doing this in bathes of 200, you can also use scrapebox with the moz API (its free to use, for a million checks per month). Scrape box is a useful tool which ill discuss in another article sometime soon.

Got a list of potential domains now what??

There is a misconception with some folk out there regarding DA, and some think if a domain has a DA 40 its brilliant!! this isnt true at all.

Once you have your short list of domains, we need to do some checks on them using the following services.

  • Google

You need to check the domain both with and without www because results can differ!

What you want to see in the results is, backlinks from news sites, government sites and other really big authority sites in the same niche.

You DONT want to see links coming from directories, blog comments etc. If you see any non english or spammy anchor text links pointing to the domain just leave it and move on to the next domain because its a sinking ship! thats right even if the DA is super high! forget it!

When you have identified a GOOD backlink, navigate to the page where the link is coming from and check to see if the link is there on true merit (Its actually been placed naturally, and not just a purchased sidebar or footer link). If its a contextual link, read the article over, does it make sense, or does it sound like crap! Run the url through copyscape to make sure its unique content, and then finally check how many other outgoing links are on that page.

Go to google, type the domain in the search engine using quotes  “” check out what results show up, its a bonus if some of the domains pages are still indexed! Ive done checks before and what initially appeared to be a “decent” looking domain turned out to have one or two dodgy links indexed in google.

Next go to to check what kind of content used to be hosted on the domain.. Does it appear to be good? genuine? unique content offering users value? Another advantage of using is you can quickly find all of the old page names and can re create them on your new site. This means if there were backlinks to internal pages from external sites your going to be getting link juice flowing to them again rather than to a 404 page.

One last thing about PR

A domain can show a false PR Value if it was redirected to another site prior to it expiring, so just because you see an available domain with a tempting PR value, doesn’t always mean its correct! and this is where most people go wrong! They simply dont do enough research and just jump in.


Here is an example of an OK domain that i found today (Nothing to get too excited about but certainly better than nothing)

I cant say the url because i registered the domain on behalf of someone. But the metrics were DA 29  PA 38  with links from pretty high authority sites which were all still indexed in google.

Good Example


An example of a not so good choice would be:
Shows as DA 22  PA 29




Bad example

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