How to build your email list quicker

Building your email list can be a slow process, especially if your not working hard to entice your visitors to join up.

I’ve written a few posts about email marketing lately which you should have a read over if you haven’t already. These posts will give you an insight at how valuable and lucrative email marketing can be.

On this page i’m going to drop some hints at how you can increase the amount of sign ups you get quickly and easily! And hopefully will help you come up with your own techniques once you have some inspiration.

Where to start?

Ok so lets assume you have a website and for the sake of this article lets say it’s relating to a product [dashboard cameras], I’ve chosen this product as I’ve personally worked in this niche before. You want to sell your viewers dashboard cameras so you earn commission from the sales. Having an email list of potential customers would be a gold mine!

Why would someone decide to join your mailing list? This goes for any niche here! Truth be told there is no reason, and this is why you’re probably struggling to build a quality mailing list.

The Incentive…

This is where you need to get your thinking cap on! Give your readers an incentive to join, If your in the internet marketing niche, offer a FREE ebook for them to instantly download which contains information on how to become successful. After all they want to learn about this niche and your giving something away for FREE.

An email list is not only a great way to sell products to your target audience but allows you to build up a relationship with that website visitor, and they begin to trust you more. Trust at this stage is vital because the more the customer trusts you and likes what you offer the greater the chance you have at selling them something.

Getting back to the dashboard camera site and offering the readers an incentive to join your mailing list.

There is one way you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak! Offer your readers the chance to WIN a dashboard camera! All they have to do is join your mailing list and follow you on Twitter / Facebook to be in with a chance. Lets look at this in more detail:

  • The visitor wants the product you have to offer [ you know this as they have come to your site looking for them ]
  • Maybe the customer is only window shopping at this moment in time to get a feel of whats available. [in this case you’re not going to make a sale, which is even more important to try and get them to join your mailing list, so you can pitch to them again in the future].
  • You offer them a chance to win the product for FREE, and all they have to do to be in with a chance is to join the mailing list, like you on facebook and twitter.
  • The customer thinks JACKPOT, you have to be in it to win it! and joins up. Now you have their details and can communicate with them on a regular basis with new models, latest news etc etc

A dashboard camera can be bought from ebay for around £30+ you could run the competition on a monthly basis enabling you to build your mailing list in to the thousands not to mention your social media accounts too which is equally as important to have these days. The initial investment for the product could easily be clawed back in sales if you learn to become successful at email marketing.

Start building your email list….

This technique can be applied in any niche and is one of the quickest easiest ways to build your mailing list!

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