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bloggers blockIt might seem a little strange discussing “Bloggers Block” so early in your writing career but believe me when I say; “it happens to all of us” and when it does you’ll be glad you read this blog post first.

Successful blogging is about being ready for all eventualities and that includes running out of things to say. The content of this post will prepare you for when it happens, not if but when it happens

I’ve written Bloggers Block with new blog owners in mind, this doesn’t mean seasoned bloggers won’t benefit; we all need a little inspiration from time to time. If you ever find yourself struggling for ideas remember you have Bloggers Block to fall back on.

What is Bloggers Block?

Have you heard the terms “Writers Block” or “Hitting the Wall”?”

If you have you’ll know it’s a crippling disease all writers suffer from at some point in their career. Bloggers block is the same soul-destroying; mind numbing; pain in the arse disease except it’s the blogging version.

Seriously; it’s a real problem and one that needs overcoming before it takes hold. The good news is; you’re not alone and there are plenty of strategies to beat it.

Almost every day I see forum post’s and comments saying one of the following:

I can’t think of anything to write about

Everything’s already been written

My posts are a copy everyone else’s

My niche is too narrow

Blah! Blah! Blah………

There are two reasons why these statements keep cropping up and here they are:

“You have no interest in your niche”

“You are suffering from bloggers block”

If it’s the former you need to reconsider your motivation for blogging and if it’s the latter you’re simply at a crossroad. In the rest of this post I will share strategies to get your blog back on the road and heading in the right direction.

It should be said there are no secrets to beating bloggers block, if there was I would be selling them for hundreds of dollars, all you actually need is effort and patience to get your content flowing again, let me show you how.

Simple Writing Strategies

WritingIf you’re struggling for ideas for a post or even if you can’t face the thought of writing another word these writing exercises will soon have your creative juices flowing; they absolutely work. The best advice I can give you is do the exercises in order and before you know it you’ll be itching to write your next blog post.

Writing Exercise 1

Get hold of a newspaper, magazine or blog post, read the front page or first block of text. Now either with a pen and paper or on your keyboard copy it down, this is the writing bit, don’t think about it just copy it. Notice your brain will start to wander, you may even be coming up with better ways this text could have been written.

Once you’ve finished copying it read it again. Your next task is to rewrite what you’ve just written. Take a couple of minutes to think about what you read and wrote, what can you change about it? If people are in the text give them a different name, what was happening; change the situation, what was the outcome; change it.

When you’ve finished read it back, is your story or article better than the first one? To be honest it’s irrelevant whether it is or isn’t, the point is you are writing and thinking about writing.

Writing Exercise 2

Go to your kitchen cupboard, take three items from the cupboard and place them on the kitchen table. Get a piece of paper and a pen then stare at the three items for 1 minute. Whilst you are looking at the items try and give them human names, names that relate to what the items are:

Can of beans=excess wind=Uncle Tom=Tom

Bottle of sauce=saucy=Jenny from work

Salt=sea=fish=slimy=Barry at the local store

I hope you get the idea, now write a 100 or so word description of each person you came up with, don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense, you will rip it up later. Now put these three people in a situation and write say 200 words, let’s use the example above with Tom, Jenny and Barry.

Tom and Jenny were on their way to see Barry at the store, they had made this journey every day for the last 4 years but today was different, never again would they visit Barry. Jenny was apprehensive but Tom; always the rock reassured Jenny that everything would be OK. As the car came to a halt outside the store Jenny took a deep breath, Tom gently placed his hand on her knee and gave it a light squeeze, “don’t worry” he said it will soon be over.

Peering through the window it was clear that Barry was in his usual aggressive mood, cans were being tossed into the baskets without any care for their contents while the customers looked on with dismay. Barry glanced at the window and spotted Jenny, he quickly glanced away as if he had no interest in seeing her.

That’s enough of that little story; you can hopefully see the point. It doesn’t matter what you write, the fact that you are writing is the key, and your brain can’t help coming up with ideas. I don’t know why the brain can’t help it but it won’t let you down.

Writing Exercise 3

Nearly there now, I hope your thinking; this is boring; it would be actually easier to write something, try this:

Take this post, a forum comment, a blog, newspaper article or TV program and write a response to the author, don’t send it but do respond in writing.

Dear Rob

Having had the misfortune to stumble on your blog I’ve just finished reading “Blogger’s Block”, I felt compelled to write too you with my thoughts.

This was the most pointless piece of writing I have ever read, a child could have written it; in fact it would come as no surprise if you are a child. As a writer I sometimes come up against bloggers block, when this happens I walk the dog, clean the house or get drunk, I cannot see how your silly techniques would ever get me writing again……… Oh; I am writing!

Thank you Rob for your writing tips, your post has me writing again and I will never have to read your stupid blog again.

Yours Faithfully


For some strange reason the physical act of writing gets your brain into gear and it comes up with the motivation and ideas to start writing again. OK; so you’re ready too write let’s get some ideas for a post.

Use Google To Get Over The Wall

As you know I’m not a massive fan of search engines; but when it comes to content writing they can be very useful. If a search engine is doing it’s job properly it should serve up relevant content ideas whenever you input a keyword.

Try This!

Sumarketing is here to help “new bloggers”, your blog will have it’s own targeted keywords and phrases so substitute where appropriate. Using Google I simply type in “new bloggers”, remember I’m not looking for keywords I’m looking for writing ideas:

Using the drop down menu we can see that people are actually typing into Google “New Bloggers Forum”, “New Bloggers Tips” and “New Bloggers Help”. Explore these and see if there’s a blog post in them? I appreciate this is a crude method but who cares, as long as it works that’s all that matters.

New Bloggers Forum

  • The Best Forums for New Bloggers
  • 3 Essential Forums for Bloggers
  • Learn How to Create a Blog Using Forums
  • Top 10 Blogging Discussions
  • Start a Forum for Bloggers

New Bloggers Tips

  • Top Ten Tips for New Bloggers
  • How To Write a Blog Post
  • Which Blogging platform
  • How To Create a Blog from Scratch
  • Blogging Tips for Beginners

New Bloggers Help

  • How To Install WordPress
  • Free Blogging Platforms
  • Writing The Perfect Blog Post
  • Help Me Promote My Blog
  • Top 30 Resources for New Bloggers

This is a really simple process that quite often throws up brilliant ideas, you just need to remember why your doing these exercises “Bloggers Block“. Anything that get’s you writing again is a good thing so don’t dismiss them as too easy. Here’s one more for you, my favorite if I’m honest.

Ask the Audience

Ask a QuestionThis is a brilliant way of beating “BB”, ask the audience. In my opinion and I’ve written about it here the best way to keep writing great content is to ask your audience what they would like to read about; then write it for them.

Try This

Write a blog post of no more than 100 words asking your readers what they would like to see on your blog:

We Would Like Your Help

Today’s post is a short one but one I’ve been meaning to write for a few weeks. Its important that when I write a post its useful, its very easy for me to write what I think you want but that doesn’t mean I’m right, so here’s your chance to tell me what you need, what are you unsure about or what do you think this blog should be discussing?

Leave your ideas and requests in the comments box below!

Plan to do this anyway maybe 4 times a year as it’s a great way of getting ideas for content. Its especially useful when you’ve run out of things too say and it will  almost certainly help you get past your writing block.

Free Content Ideas

Blogging is a lonely profession, we sit in front of a screen for hours on end; is it any wonder we get a bit down from time to time. Bloggers block is like the online equivalent of depression, it paralyses you and can ruin your blogs life; you cant let this happen so here are a few more quick ideas to get you creating blog posts again:


Every niche has a forum, every forum has people talking about the problems they’re having and every problem has a solution “You”, that’s it; you write about the solutions to the problems you know people are having.


Have a look at the comments on your site, people will actually tell you what they want or need, read them with a view to getting a post out of them and you’ll be shocked at how many content ideas you’ve been missing.

Don’t worry if your blog’s new and doesn’t have many comments, go to the best 3 blogs in your niche and read their comments, they’ll have hundreds of post ideas in them.

Niche Blogs

There will be authority blogs in your niche, these guys are the one’s you turn to when you want to learn, the one’s you aspire to be. Have you ever stopped too think why they’re so popular?

I’ll tell you why!

It’s because they’re bloody good at what they do, they deliver what their audience wants. So how does this help you create quality writing for your site? Take a look at their recent posts, what are they writing about, which problem are they solving, what are they promoting?

Now if you go and write a post about the same subject that would be cheating and possibly plagiarism but if you write a post that improves on their’s or complements it then that’s fine, you can even reference their post with a link and if you think about it you’ll have started writing again, have a current idea that people are interested in and your blog will get fresh content, it’s a win-win.

Final Thoughts

Nothing kills a blogging career quicker than “Bloggers Block”, the simple ideas in this post are basically designed to get you writing again, even if that writing never get’s published it will kick your brain into gear and help you formulate content ideas.

If you’ve found this post useful, enjoyed it, hated it or have better ideas of your own why not tell me in the comments section. If you know a blogger who would benefit from reading this please share it with them, they’ll love you for it.

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