Best time to post social media?

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness using social media, then it pays to know the best time to post your fresh and engaging content on the various forms of social media. After all there’s no point in posting a great infographic or product promotion on Facebook or Twitter for it to just bypass your target audience while they are all at work or busy eating their cereal first thing in the morning. Also, different social media platforms have different optimum times to post your content and there are some great apps around for helping you to schedule you posts for maximum exposure.

Best time to post social media?

Lets start with what time of the day you are likely to receive the maximum exposure across the various social media platforms. There are a huge amount of websites who have looked at this and all give slightly different times slots. From the research we have collated together from various sources we believe the following infographic provided by Social Times shows the most accurate data. From this it is clear to see that if you are using Google+, Linkedin or Pinterest its best to post your content during the morning. If using Facebook, Twitter or Tumble its best to wait until the afternoon to post or schedule your content to appear.



Best day to post social media?

It’s not just about the best time of day to post on social media but also the best day of the week. The graphic below shows the best and worst days across the various social media formats. The best days are evenly spread during the week across the various mainstream platforms, but most interestingly is the worst days for the major social media formats are the weekends.



Schedule Your Posts

The likelihood is that you’re going to write the majority of your social media content at a time that isn’t actually a peak rate time for it to be posted onto one of the social media platforms. Luckily there are some very handy apps out there that can help you to schedule your posts to ensure they appear at the best possible time.

For Google+, have a look at Timing+, which will analyse your historical data and even suggest the most effective times to share your content. Facebook has a useful built-in tool called Insights, which provides a useful information about your audience and again provies the best days and times to post. Tweriod analyses your twitter feed and also your follower’s tweets to provide you with an optimised posting schedule to use with Twitters built-in post scheduling tool. Buffer is a great tool that makes scheduling and posting to your social media profiles incredibly simple by letting you write posts and content whenever you have the time, and scheduling them to appear at various times across various social media platforms.

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