Welcome to SUMARKETING (Startup Marketing)

My name is Lee and ive been involved domain names and fiddling with websites for the past ten years. In that time ive seen all kinds of changes from how websites are created [back then websites were all basic html and built around tables lol with the odd bit of Javascript] right through to how they are marketed! I’m by no means claiming to be an SEO expert here!

SUMARKETING was set up to help newbies get to grasps with websites, whether that’s setting up your first website or blog right through to finding more visitors and earning money (should you want to of course!). It’s also a great place to keep up to speed with all the latest internet marketing news, because lets face it things change mighty fast in the internet world and no one wants to miss a trick.

How are we different from the next site?

Our aim is simple, give you the information you need to help you out without pressuring you in to buying anything! We will give our honest opinions, reviews and recommendations on the things we have used and like. We don’t believe in waffling on with bum fluff trying to sell you something!


I hope you enjoy having a browse around, and come back again soon. In the meantime why not sign up to our newsletter where you can keep updated with new content or even book mark our site