5 Reasons to Quit Blogging

Blogging can be a lonely profession, in the beginning we’re full of ideas for our blog, and quite often we run out of steam and simply let the blog die a miserable death. This came home to me today when I was looking at the keywords which bring people to Sumarketing, I was surprised at the amount of bloggers thinking of giving up; I thought what a good idea for a post.

Tip – Firstly if you ever run out of ideas for a blog post read “Bloggers Block”, get ideas by checking the keywords people use to find your blog then write about them, you can find them in your Google analytic s account; if you’re not using it you should.

When Should I Quit Blogging

To be fair we’ve all considered giving up at some point, if you haven’t I’m pretty sure you will do at some point. When you feel like this and before you hit the delete button consider your reasons for quitting then investigate them to see if they’re real reasons to quit blogging or just a blip on your journey to blogging success.

Quit or Keep Going

Here are some of the most common reasons bloggers give up and what you can do to get your blog back on track if you feel like throwing the towel in. I am not saying you should flog a dead horse but consider that virtually every successful person in any field has wanted to give up at some point, the difference between success and failure is that some carry on and some don’t.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Quit

  • No Readers
  • No Money
  • Hate the Topic
  • Lack of Experience
  • Trolls

I’m sure there are many more but these are the ones I see cropping up time and again in forums and comment sections, don’t despair because there are also just as many reasons to carry on with your blog.

5 Reasons to Carry on Blogging

If we use the common reasons for quitting as a guide and delve into them we can quickly find positives and potential changes that’ll get you going again. The point is to rekindle your passion, try to remember how excited you were when you first started blogging, how frustrated you were because there just weren’t enough hours in the day to do all the writing you wanted to.

No Readers – This is number one on the list for a reason, we blog to share ideas, tell our story or sell something. If we haven’t got any readers then it’s impossible to achieve our goals and this is when most newbies start to doubt themselves and give up.

I’m here to tell you that new blogs don’t have many readers, if that’s a surprise then don’t be. The internet is a very big place, there are billions of pages of information, millions of blogs and you’re a very small part of it. Realistically did you expect to throw up a couple of pages and people would flock to you?

Blog readership takes time, if you’re lucky or brilliant you might achieve regular visitors in a few months, more often than not it’ll take years. Blogging success isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon and you need to be in it for the long term. If this is your reason for quitting I would urge you to think about “how to increase your blog traffic” before accepting failure.

  • How many articles have you written
  • How old is your blog
  • Are your topics interesting
  • Have you developed your blogging voice
  • Are you regurgitating content
  • How do you promote your blog
  • Where have you promoted your blog

In short give your blog a chance to succeed, give it time to develop, give yourself the chance to become established in your niche, have confidence in your own ability and keep sight of your goals.

No Money – Not all blogs are about making money, most blogs never make any money but even if this is your motivation what makes yours so special. Seriously if your blogging for money you’ve entered one of the most competitive areas and to be frank you have no chance of success if you consider giving up every time you have a bad day.

Blogging for money isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t a quick process, why would a reader want to part with their hard earned money on a new blog. Be honest with yourself companies like Amazon, Ebay and many others have spent millions on building their brand and gaining trust then you come along and expect to steal their customers; I think not!

Trust, trust, trust is what you need and this takes time to build. If you’re blogging for money the best advice I can give you is to write honest reviews, and when I say honest I mean you must actually know the item your reviewing, if you don’t it’ll show in your writing. Over time people will start to trust your opinion and recommendations; then you stand a chance of earning money.

Hate the Topic – I think this is the reason many bloggers give up, when you run out of ideas you find something else to blame, you forget why you started in your niche so decide you hate the topic. If you genuinely hate your niche then “yes” I would advise you to get out but be sure this is the real reason you’re quitting.

If you’ve hit a brick wall with your writing read this post “Bloggers Block”, often you just need a nudge in the right direction or injection of creativity to get your blog flowing again. Every writer struggles from time to time so before you ditch your dreams make sure you are making decisions of facts not emotions.

Lack of Experience – I’m guilty of promoting blogging as an easy thing to do; building the blog itself isn’t that difficult for someone with a small amount of experience online but by the same token can be overwhelming for others. Yes there are loads of tools to help you get a blog up and running but soon after you’ll want to make it better and this is where newbies struggle because there are so many choices to make.

I’ll let you into a secret; we all started somewhere and we all started with nil knowledge. The bloggers who stand the test of time acknowledge their limitations and do something about it. Everything you need to know is available free; you just need to make the effort to find it. Every forum has gurus willing to help you, every successful blogger will respond to your questions and the internet itself is a library of information that will answer any query you have. Never let lack of experience get in the way of your success.

Trolls – Sadly like in any walk of life idiots get a kick out of annoying people, I could make this a very short paragraph by saying ignore them but I won’t. If you’ve spent anytime online you’ll already know about trolls, it’s quite possible you’ve been a victim yourself.

When a stranger starts criticizing you personally, making rude comments about your blog or verbally attacking you it’s an upsetting experience, it’s even driven many talented writers offline but don’t let this happen to you. Just remember these insignificant people are lonely, friendless, pathetic losers, if they were of any use to society they’d be out doing it instead of annoying you.

Don’t Give Up

I hope I’ve proven my point that sometimes your reason for quitting may not be a valid reason, it might be an excuse. You’re not alone, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last blogger to think about giving up. Before you do please consider what you’ve just read, are you really riding the wrong train, do you need a bit of inspiration, is there someone else who can share your pain and do you really want to flush your dreams down the toilet just because you’re at a crossroads.

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