3 Adsense Alternatives

Adsense AlternativesGoogle Adsense has long been the advertising program of choice for new bloggers. Widely seen as the easiest way to make money online Adsense has made many bloggers rich but is it really your best option. In this post I want to introduce you to 3 Adsense alternatives that work and explain why you need them.

Before we get into detail let me issue this warning:

Monetize slowly, don’t rush into filling your blog with adverts and patience is a virtue

Blog Traffic

For a blog to make money from advertising, affiliate program or any other monetization method it needs traffic. It’s irrelevant how good your adverts are if you haven’t got any visitors, no traffic means; no money, this is one reason why you shouldn’t rush into monetization and why most new bloggers fail.

Why is Adsense so successful?

Adsense is successful because it works, that may sound a little flippant but it does. The Adsense program brings in billions of dollars every year for Google, take a look at any results page from a Google search and you will see plenty of targeted ads, when you click on them Google makes money.

Bloggers use Adsense because it’s easy money. Join the program; add a bit of code and hey presto you make money! Some bloggers have relied so heavily on Adsense that when they get banned or their blog drops out of the search results they’ve lost their homes.

Here is your second warning:

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, diversify and prosper

Yes Adsense ban people from their program and when they do you’ll be very lucky to get it back. Google are notorious for banning bloggers for mysterious reasons, even if you’ve been in the program for years you can still get banned, the push of a button and your income is lost in an instant.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t join Google Adsense, I’m saying spread the risk, give your blog the best chance of success and have a variety of ad programs at your disposal.

The Adsense Alternatives

Although there are many ad networks out there in my opinion these are 3 of the best. I say that with confidence because I use them on a variety of blogs. For me I want ease of use, quality ads served to my readers and a solid affiliate platform, all three give me this.


Chitika is free to join and works with some major ad networks such as Yahoo, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor, what this means to you is your visitors will be served relevant ads.

Chitika has a range of ad types, their ads will work on the web, on mobile phones and in apps so whatever your publishing platform you can monetize it.

Chitika pay some of the best commissions available to new bloggers, this means you earn more money. Chitika has the simplest integration I’ve seen making it perfect for newbies. They also have a referral program so if you help bloggers earn more money you’ll earn more money.

All in all Chitika is a great alternative to Adsense, don’t take my word for it take a minute to find out for yourself here. Oh and I forgot to mention it works alongside other ad networks including Adsense.


Skimlinks is perfect for bloggers, especially if you produce high quality regular content. Imagine never needing to link to a product again, simply put; you write your content then Skimlinks monetizes it for you, it’s a no brainer.

Effectively Skimlinks offers you 3 advertising products in 1, Skimlinks, Skimwords and Showcases. It can turn an ordinary link into an affiliate link, turn a word of content into an affiliate link or just serve up a traditional ad box with products relevant to your content, how easy is that?

Whatever niche or type of site you have Skimlinks will work for you, blogs, forums, news sites, in fact any content driven sites can benefit from the Skimlinks product portfolio.

If that’s not enough how about a search tool for eBay or Amazon with your affiliate link in it, a url shortener to post affiliate links on social media sites or a referral program to invite your fellow bloggers to earn even more money. If I was you and I wanted more affiliate commissions I would sign up for Skimlinks today – it’s free!


Make Money with your BlogVigLink also has a number of products to help you earn more money from your blog. State of the art technology effortlessly converts your existing content and links into affiliate links, when a visitor clicks on one then buys you get paid.

I am becoming a convert to this type or integration because fundamentally I’m a writer, producing great content is why I blog and I like the idea of somebody else monetizing it for me.

VigLink works with thousands of merchants, using their platform means you can drastically increase your income without much effort. I also like the fact that VigLink has plenty of resources to help affiliates, a blog and tips to help you make the most of working with them and it’s free to join.

So What Now?

As I’ve mentioned before there’s no rush to monetize your blog, concentrate on writing great content first, build up your following second and then think about monetizing it.

The beauty of these 3 Adsense alternatives is they can stand alone or work in partnership with other ad programs, try them on your blog, do some split testing and do let me know how you get along.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on this post, on the 3 programs I’ve discussed and the success or not you’re having with monetizing your blog. For now the very best of luck and if you haven’t already sign up to my free newsletter.

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