STOP procrastinating and take Action!

If your new to internet marketing you might have found your self procrastinating and generally over thinking everything resulting in nothing getting done! Dont worry though! your not alone! almost

PPC Advertising

On from the success of 3 AdSense Alternatives I want to delve further into Pay Per Click or PPC advertising. By far Google AdSense is the leader in this type

What is email marketing

Without doubt there are email marketers out there who are earning a lot of money, these people are genuine when they quote income figures, they for the most part are

Premiumpress Discount codes 2014

On this page, I’m going to post all the latest discounts and promotions from PremiumPress offer a wide range of PREMIUM WORDPRESS themes that are both professional and cost

When to monetise a blog

This is probably the question I’m asked the most by new bloggers “When Should I Monetize My Blog” and I always give the same answer; “Don’t Monetize Your Blog” not